Musée Matisse

Hotels, Gites and Bed and Breakfast close to of Musée Matisse Le Cateau Cambresis
Age of children

13, place du Commandant Richez - Palais Fénélon - 59360 LE CATEAU CAMBRESIS
Tél : 03 27 84 64 50

"My fellow citizens of Le Cateau, which I left so fast to where my destiny leads me, wanted to honor my work life through the creation of the museum (...). I realized that all the hard work of my life was for the human family, which would be revealed a little of the fresh beauty of the world through me. I will have been a medium. And as rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's, I ' have helped the town of Le Cateau to create this museum. Part of the result of a life force that was imposed on me by destiny, and thus precisely positioned. "

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