Musée du Quercorb

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16, rue Barry du Lion - 11230 PUIVERT
Tél : 04 68 20 80 98

The museum is dedicated to Quercorb history and economy of Quercorb. He developed two particular historical approaches.
On the one hand, that's life Quercorb daily in the early twentieth century is presented. With the revival of a traditional food made surprisingly alive by the use of sound effects, you will learn one of the most basic of the time. You will also discover the ins and outs of local handicrafts through the exact replica of the forge Nébias, explaining the work of the jet (jewelry so much in vogue), a turner's workshop and an evocation of the profession of Peignier.
On the other hand, the museum gives you the keys to understanding the troubadours and medieval secular music. The Hall of Instrumentarium reproduced music room of the dungeon of the castle of Puivert. The casts of the sculptures of eight musicians can observe them closely. You will recognize their instruments; extracts from medieval times, they found a second life according to the archaeological interpretation of the sculptures and thanks to the skill of violin makers. Selected pieces of music will transport you to the fourteenth century at the court of Gaston Phoebus. The video "of the stone to the breath of life" traces the birth of the instrumentarium. Songs of troubadours Marcabru Guiraut Riquier or to allow you to discover the sounds of the Occitan language. These songs are hand-lettered on the skins of goats and brought to a better understanding of poetry and courtly love.
The models of the castle and its keep Puivert recreate missing parts of the monument, texts, photographs, casts and explain its history and that of the Cathars in Quercorb.
Finally, the newly refurbished Orchard is an invitation to walk around the old varieties of fruit trees such as pears or Priests Good Christian. A still and a video on the boiler of traveling Quercorb "Aristide" complete the visit of fruit picking and processing of water spirits.
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